Still Thinking and looking at God’s Art for so much

A lot been going on the last few days!  From beautiful still sunrises like this one from Saturday, to storms.   Through it all I feel I’m asking for the  Lord to show me the way.   Day by day I’m searching.  So much has been on my mind.   Seems I’m searching so to find who I am to become.   Guess it’s a daily ride that I take.   I know I’m still very divided, I spend my quiet times with God, and I feel the gentle voice of the Lord speaking to me some days, but some days I want to just follow my own desires.  Still trying to listen to the quiet voice, and not some of the other voices.  Not really voices, yes I was a psychology major.  But I mean listening to the Spirit, and not my own selfish wants and needs.   I don’t even know that I can write of all I’m feeling.  May have to try another day.   But it’s about choosing love over fear.   Feeding your Faith, and starving your fears.



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2 Responses to “Still Thinking and looking at God’s Art for so much”

  1. hey, your’e back! I could not get in for awhile
    I missed you!

  2. Hey Spo!

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