Who Am I


Yesterday I wrote Who, today I”m asking Who am I.   Seems this has always been a common question for me.  Today has been a good day. Raining, pouring from the time I got up, it actually started around 3:00 this morning, and hasn’t let up since.  So I got up had a wonderful morning in my quiet time.  I think of the eyes of people that have been close to me- I think of the eyes I look at in the morning in the mirror.   Think of those running away from something, some running, some hiding.   I see that in my own eyes at times.  I looked at eyes of strangers today, more today than most days.  Some smiled back, some turned quickly.   I think about how God sees us?   Seems vision has been a theme for me today.  My little niece Autumn went to the eye doctor today.  She had to get glasses.  I enjoyed talking to her and my mom on facetime.  So strange what we see.   When I saw her, I saw how much she has grown since I’ve seen her last.  Last night we watched “The Bible” again at bible studay. We watched where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.  They didn’t show it in the movie, but when he was baptized the heavens were opened up, and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove.  And a voice came from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love, with you I am well pleased'”  from Luke 3:21022.     I think at this moment Jesus really knew who he really was in a deep deep way.   I think of the day when I was saved.    I think it was one of the only times I remember my dad telling me how proud he was of me.

I’ve been thinking of one of the voices I listen to.   One that says “You are the Beloved of God!  I have listened for that voice today.  I have to be honest, it didn’t start that way this morning.  I woke with a voice of doubt trying to hit hard.  Telling me I was far from beloved.   But I decided to tell that voice, nope!  I am beloved of God.   It has been a beautiful day.  Lots of prayer!  Answers too!  I love this song above from Casting Crowns.



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  1. lovely !

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