Why do you stop blogging?

Yesterday afternoon, I posted on facebook, who blogs, and I got a few list of blogs to start back following.  I also had a interesting question asked to me.   So you told us why you blog, so why do you think you stop?  I started thinking about this.  I guess I write when I’m trying my best to figure out things.   At times I think  I stop, because I’m not writing for me, or I feel like I don’t have anything original to say.  I actually deactivated my account back in October.  At that time I had over 5000 monthly readers.  It’s strange going from that number to back to less than 30 that have read it since I opened it back up.   Sometimes I felt like what I had to say someone else has already said it, and better than I will ever be able to.   This though I realize is not a good argument for not writing, lol.   We all are  unique and original, and nobody has lived what we have lived.  Furthermore, what we have lived, we have lived not just for ourselves but for others.  Writing for me is a very creative way to make our lives available to ourselves and yes to others as well.   I’ve been enjoying reading other’s blogs again.

My friend Shawn over at http://followingspirit.tumblr.com/   described something beautiful to me a few weeks ago.   That our lives are like a dream, and when someone else spends time with you or you share with them, or they share with you, you become part of their dream.   I’m not sure if I explained that one as beautiful as he worded it.  Hope you check out the beautiful journey he’s on.   I like being in his dream, and like that he’s in mine as well.

So where am I today.   I’ve always been a dreamer, for as long as I can remember.   Another way sometimes I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in my life.   Last night I had a interesting dream.  In it I was a little boy.  I remembered my mom saying when you grow up you would make a good lawyer.   The reason she said that was because I always would try and get everyone to agree with me.  But in my dream I saw me as a little boy.   And I saw agreement as something more.  I saw it as love, and if they didn’t agree with me, they didn’t love me, and if I didn’t agree with them, I wasn’t loving them. All these voices started filling little Derek’s head telling me agree and I’ll give you a cookie, agree and I’ll make you a hamburger.   It was a strange dream that has left me thinking today.  Just thinking.

A part of me doesn’t want to make this a long post, and just get to it, and a part wants to just write.   Honestly, my head has been a bit tense about all I’ve thought today, and even writing now.  I woke up thinking about how I was feeling in the dream.   Comparing it with the me now.  I’ve never liked disagreement.   For me love has been based on agreement.   When there was disagreement, I felt unloved. When I disagree, I felt that it meant I’m not being loving.   But I see something in my dream.  Love is where we are free to agree or disagree.   A friend will speak to you truthfully.  They may or may not perceive the situation the same as you, but is not afraid to tell you what they think.  A friend tells the truth and then reminds you that you are free to make your own choice.   That is love in action.    Yes, as you may know I’m on a journey of loving myself again, and I think this dream was big.   We love our friends equally when they are saying yes or no.  He does not withhold advice, nor does he try to impose his opinion on you.  A friend wishes to be helpful.  he treats you with respect and dignity, and he tell you the truth.  You can’t really be a friend if you are not willing to tell the truth.  This doesn’t mean that you are right.  Being right and being honset are not the same thing.  When you are honest, you are giving the best that you can ive with the awareness that you have.

So after writing that what am I looking for, someone to agree with me.  Agreement is the ultimate condition.    I guess I’m saying don’t look for love in agreement.  I don’t think you will find it there.  But your welcome to disagree!  🙂  I think I still have a bit of sitting with this one.  I may need to think more on this one.derekeveal


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2 Responses to “Why do you stop blogging?”

  1. I for one am glad you returned to blogging, for I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  2. I stopped because of family deaths, followed by two years of mandatory overtime at work, followed by a hip replacement, and general exhaustion having been doing the 5 AM wake up to 5 PM get back home work thing since 1978.

    I also stopped because of a stalker/hater. Thankfully such people all moved on to Facebook and Twitter.

    Now I am retiring in 278 days, or 208 days, or 158 days (have not made my mind up). This is freeing up a ton of intellectual and creative power to finally do what I want to do. So, I have recently restarted my “labour of love” blog (that answers the question “why people come back to blogging”). Cheers, WR

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