Such a beautiful day

What a day!  I ran into one of my old blogger buddies from when I first started blogging today at church.   Then church picnic afterwards, then photoshoot with Amy and her son at the beach.  It is so beautiful today.  I’m sitting and reflecting some today while I wait for them.  Funny blogging again, I remember someone asking me a long time ago why I blogged, sitting here wondering why I stopped.  For me writing is not just jotting down ideas.  I’ve said many times, “I don’t know what to write.  I have no thoughts worth writing down.”  When I hear those thoughts, I think I’m not listening to God, much good writing comes from the process of writing itself and when i’m listening to what I’m supposed to listen to.  As I just sit here writing this on my cellphone, and the beach in front of me I’m taking today, a moment and start to express in words what is on my mind or in my heart, new ideas seem to just jump, ideas that surprise me and lead me to the inner place I hardly knew is there sometimes.  But then again, I always knew.

I feel closer to God when I write, one of the most wonderful things about writing in my blog is that it opens in me the deep well of hidden treasure that is as beautiful as God Art is to me, and hopefully for others to see as well.  This is my first post from my cellphone.  Lots on my mind, will write more when I get home.  I’ll probably change the picture later and have a bible verse for it.  Hopefully not too many errors doing this from my cellphone, technology ain’t it grand.  Well I’m home now, and  found the bible verse that I wanted to go with the picture.   Has been a nice day, going to wash some clothes and relax now!cloudverse


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3 Responses to “Such a beautiful day”

  1. Nice blog. Today was a beautiful day for sure. Enjoyed family and friends for brunch

  2. that was a lovely day indeed.

  3. A lovely day for me is not sweltering in the heat like I’m in Hell, this is me going outside; “Ahhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhhh” Great blog buddy.

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