Our Steps

I read Joel Osteen’s message, just about everyday, they always seem to be speaking to me.  Yesterday’s was about our Steps that we take on our journey.  How God has aligned the right oppurtunities and causing the right people to come along our path to help us get ahead, and how he’s constantly working behind the scenes on our behalf.  It also spoke of God’s love for us, that everlasting love.  It was also about the key is that we do our part and be obedient to His commands, keeping your heart and mind open to HIM and maintain an attitude of faith and expectance.   Most of all we have to watch how we treat others and choose to live in peace and unity, it is there he commanded the blessing.  When our heart is in a place of blessing, the rest of our life will be in the place of blessing too.   So choose love, choose peace, choose His word, and choose to enter in to your place of blessing.

Basically here, I just quoted what he wrote in the reflection for yesterday.   But it really got me thinking of lots of things.   Basically that God doesn’t really give us the people we want, he gives us the people we NEED.   Or maybe a little of both.   I think of my entire journey to this day.  There have been people that have come in my life that helped me, hurt me, left me, loved me, but by knowing each one of them, I have become the person I was meant to be.   I’m thankful that to this day God is still working in my life and bringing people in my life to bring me so much love.  I feel quite blessed.  Thankful for so much.  Thankful for you too Brian, I love you, I pray every morning that we live our life to the fullest, that He will cause us to excel about his expectations, for you to shine even when things seem dark, like in your dark garage in your dream where people were chasing you.  I pray for protection for us at all times, and to lift you up when you need it most, and to let you know when He walks with you, you will always be safe.



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One Response to “Our Steps”

  1. Indeed we get what we need, not what we want. And most of the time it makes no sense or defies logic. It is rather mysterious, literally.

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