My brother the Angel

Can you remember the first tear that you remember? There is a thought that comes to me when I think of a tear.  My mother.   Or just any mother who may have lost a child.  I had a brother I’ve not written about before on here anyway.  He was younger than me.  I don’t really remember him.  But I remember the tears.  I remember the sadness.  I never really thought about it much, until one night I was babysitting Autumn and just could not even fathom losing a child.  How it would almost take my heart if something happened to her or my nephews.  I wrote this about my brother Daryl shortly after I thought of all someone losing a child.

My Brother the Angel

A beautiful face I never saw, but a soul that will live in my heart forever.

Were you perfect when you came?  I saw you in my dreams.

I saw you in her eyes.  I saw you in her heart.  I saw you in her tears.

I know you must have gone straight to heaven when you left us.

That’s where I pictured you, a perfect angel baby.

Maybe one day little brother…

I will hold you and tell you how much I love you.

Maybe you were just to perfect for this world.

You will always be innocent and pure.

I never realized how much she must have hurt until I saw our brother

Lance bring home his little baby Autumn, with the perfect little face.

Her dark hair like I always heard you had when you were born.

She is so beautiful, unable to imagine my life without her.


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