Looking back, but staying in the NOW

I sat up last night going through old journals I’ve written. I sat and laughed sometimes, at moments I wondered who this person was I was reading about? Was this person me? I wrote of beginnings, many beginnings. Of endings, almost as many. Then I read the last page of one of my journals that I ended on June 21st, 1993. Hmm maybe another idea, maybe take quotes from my old journals from years ago, once a month, we’ll see. This is what I wrote.

Well, the last page at last. Always my favorite page.

I’ve been thinking of how to end this journal I started not so long ago. My English 101 teacher Dr. Campbell believed the last phrase connects with the entirity of your writing. But this won’t mark an end to my writing, I’m sure there will be more to write about in the future, and maybe one day I will be looking back and reading all these pages, and this page. I wonder what my life will bring?

Beginnings and Endings

The beginning can be awkward, interesting, easy, quick plundging us into involvement. Endings are usually wise, very sad, stressful, and functional. The end is always yet to come. But I have today to laugh, cry, shout, love, and be myself so I’m not worrying about an end.

Thought that was cool that I found this old journal of 1993 tonight. I think I have about 14 old journals now.

I’ve also been thinking about my now, and where I am in my life.   I still have many dreams for a future.  But right now I’m just in the Now!  And loving every minute of it.   Happy there is someone special I am sharing my dreams with, learning patience, wel trying to learn patience.  But mostly I’m happy and have much to smile about.


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