Vav Hey Vav

Would you erase painful memories if you could?  Sometimes I think we go exactly where we are supposed too.  I wouldn’t erase any of my memories, bad or good, they make me who I am today.  Vav Hey Vav, it’s the transliteration of one of the Names of God, in a book I read.  It means time travel.  Funny that it fell of my bookshelf this morning when I got up, and I picked it up, and decided to look through it on my lunch break today.  I opened up to this page today, it said ” When we want to undo past “crimes” in order to banish their painful effects from our lives and the lives of others, this name provides us with an ingenious time travel device.  Forget the Dramamine, this flight happens on a soul level.  Are you ready? Fasten Your seatbelt?  I was thinking yeah I’m ready.  I was born ready.  Quantam Physics has always intrigued me.  I remember as a young boy dreaming of a time machine.  Well here it is, and I’ve had it all along.   I’m always time traveling it seems, thinking about past wounds, waking up remorse for some of my past actions.  Maybe by revisiting these places I can transform my past, reshape the now, and have plenty of joy and fulfillment in the future.   Well let’s all fasten our seat belts.  I need to go sit with this one for a while.


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  1. This is my guardian angel…may 7

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