Yep Still Thinking


Yep, I’ve been looking back, looking at now, and looking at the future. In his painting, “An Allegory of Prudence,” 16th century Venetian artist Titian portrayed Prudence as a man with three heads. One head was of youth facing the future, another was of a mature man eyeing the present, and the third was of a wise old man gazing at the past. Over their heads Titian wrote a Latin phrase that means, “From the example of the past, the man of the present acts prudently so as not to imperil the future.”   Time is going fast, can’t believe we’re already almost in September.   I think we need this kind of wisdom to overcome the anxiety created by our past failures and the fear of repeating them in the future-an anxiety that keeps us from living to the fullest now. Sometimes I try to forget my past and anticipate the future. My memory hasn’t been erased but I do feel more free of any guilt I may have felt from some of my past actions. I have to forgive myself, and hope that I have been forgiven by any I may have hurt, but know in my heart I have been forgiven by God.  I believe with His help I will be able to live fully in the present and I will gain wisdom from the past and face the future with courage. There’s a saying, can’t remember where it came from but it goes “Don’t ever let your bleak past overshadow a bright future.” I like that.   I haven’t written in a while, but of course, I’ve been “Still thinking”    I had a wonderful week last week with Brian.   I feel so thankful for that time and feel so blessed.   I’ll write more later….


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2 Responses to “Yep Still Thinking”

  1. The ‘triple god’ or ‘triple goddess’ is an ancient entity found in many cultures; it captures nicely the archetypal past/present/future, or youth/maturity/age. I like this painting for it.

  2. […] I was going back and reading some of my old entries in my ole Still Thinking blog.  I went back to August of this past year […]

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