Find the light

When darkness comes I try to focus on the light.   I try hard to keep strong and keep a positive outlook on everything.    Sometimes though there are other forces at play, in the darkness.   When I was in the 3rd grade I had this crazy interest in Greek mythology.   It was amazing, and most all of mankind had the idea that the world is under the control of the mighty Zeus, and the warring Gods of Artemis and Apollo.   These stories amazed a young Derek.   Last night I had acknowledge the reality of “forces” over which we have no control.  The example for me, is my inability to stop or prevent hurt.   My mind goes in so many directions, I watch the news and I see the faces of starving children.   I mean there are a million people starving but the fact is there is more than enough food in the world to provide every person in every country food.  There are invisible forces that seem to be beyond our control.   Seems we face things beyond our control at times.   At times when they are just pushed onto me, I hate when someone is hurting, when I’m hurting or someone in my family is hurting, or a friend is hurting.   So in those times I try and let go of any fear, and place my trust in Jesus.   I  read “The 72 Names of God”, an amazing read.   Yes I’m suggesting it.   After reading it I think the trick to it is not just reading it, but living it.  I’m thinking this would really be wonderful.  The book talks about our purpose in life being to find the Light that was hidden at the moment of Creation.   Funny how I keep coming back to the light!   Turn the light on.  Only if we can find the hiding spot can the purpose be fulfilled.  The hiding spot being our negative traits that’s buried inside.  Guess that’s when life gently knocks us on the head.   I’ve got so many damn bruises on my head from ignoring it.  Not sure what I’m trying to say.  But I sure know I’d like to get rid of all the negative forces that seem to be out there.   It’s rained some this weekend.   I enjoyed it.  Danced and sang in it.  It has really been crazy hot out.


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