Midafternoon thoughts

I’ve never really mentioned much my love for theatre.  I acted in community theatre since I was in 9th grade all the way up till I was around 26.   I loved it.   I grew up in a small rural area of South Georgia.   When I started college my acting coach was one of Meryl Streep’s acting coach’s.   He even had a picture of her in his office when she was really young.   I wouldn’t say I was a great actor.   I was a nervous actor though.   Every night before the curtain’s opened I was a wreck, no matter what I just couldn’t kick the jitters.   But then the curtains would open and I would perform.   I loved it after the curtains opened.   I’m not really sure why I quit something I loved so much.   I quit after I moved here to Jacksonville, Florida.   I have never even checked into any theatre although there are many.   I really have to get back into it.    I guess when I moved here I just didn’t feel I had the time.   I wouldn’t say I’m a wonderful actor, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve even acted.   But it would be interesting to audition.  But I do sing and have sang with three choir’s here.

The first big production I remember seeing was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “The Phantom of the Opera”.   Where a young chorus girl named Christine Daae received voice training from a mysterious musician she calls the “Angel of Music.”  Well I’m sure many of you know the story.  As the plot thickens we all find out the mysterious mentor is really a demented man who wants to carry her away into a bizarre underworld beneath the opera house.   He’s evil masquerading as good.

Writing about this makes me think of our realationship with Christ, and all we face.   I leave in the morning hoping I have enough armor on myself.   I know God made it just for me.  It was made for you too. 

I had a good prayer day this morning.  Has been a really wonderful day for me.   Seems my prayer mornings are always a little more clearer for me.  Feeling really happy today!  Enjoyed a early morning run, had fun at my frend Mike and Gavin’s pool party last night.    Been cleaning and washing clothes today, and now editing pictures at the library and writing, lol.    Missing Brian really bad, can’t wait to see his smiling eyes.


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