My clothes

This morning I thought about something from childhood.  When I was a little boy my Mema would take me shopping for clothes.   She loved taking me clothes shopping, but I wasn’t that fond of it.   I was always taller and bigger than most of the kids my age.  So everything was always too long, short, big, and little.   To me they were all too itchy.  I was a funny child, so finding the perfect fit and something I found comfortable was next to impossible.   It was an all day affair shopping for me.   I usually would become quite ill, wondering if I’d ever find something that I didn’t feel I was going to suffocate in.   

Seems I’ve been shopping for clothes my whole life, and much more when it comes to life.  There are many places I feel in my life things seem to fit.   My family has always fit, only for me it feels like they are my favorite clothes.  The ones I wear for special occasions or moments.   I look at those clothes and wish I could wear them more often, but am so happy and comfortable when I’m wearing those clothes.  When I do get to wear those clothes I am most happy.

Finding a good fit is important.   I feel lucky I’ve also found that fit in my church at RUCC.  Everything just feels right for me there.  It was one of those lucky perfect cotton shirts that I would sometimes find, that just felt right from the first time I tried it on.   I also feel lucky with my friends.  God has really blessed me with wonderful friends and how we all fit together.     I never did get a perfect fit when I tried things on as a child.   And maybe nothing in life is a completely perfect fit, but I think all these things come together well and all work at fitting together more perfectly.  

I’m 43, and seems with Relationships, I’ve tried on quite a few garments.   Some clothes I wore for a long time.   Some clothes I wore that didn’t fit, but I wore them anyway, some I wore and thought they looked good on me, but no one told me they really didn’t.  In some clothes they were brand new and I didn’t wear them as long, and some clothes even got stolen.   Right now I feel comfortable in my clothes.  They fit pretty well.  God wants my clothes to fit!  I feel like I’m letting God pick out my clothes each day now.  He has them clean and set out for me each day to wear!  Life is good.


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