I’m thinking I’ve written before about my imaginary friends when I was younger.  Poppy and Susie were my invisible friends I created when I was around 3-4 years old.  I had many friends I created, and from my mom’s accounts spent many hours with them.  What an active imagination I had, guess I still do.  The church we go to is a wonderful church, it has grown in numbers since we first started, but is still quite small in number, compared to some of the big churches,  but I feel we do radiate joy as we sing and our pastor Linda tells her sermons with enthusiasm.  When I first started going I felt really good about the church, but couldn’t quite shake the feeling of sympathy for the amount of people that was there.  But each week I see new faces and hear different testimonies and find out how wrong my first thought was, even back when we really did have low number of people there.  It has grown so much.  Then I heard these words from the hymnal. “Therefore with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven, we worship and adore Thy glorius name.”   Doesn’t that just change everything.  Here I was in this small church with angels and archangels and the company of heaven.  A lot more than I originally thought.  What wonderful company I was with and didn’t even realize.  Makes me think about when I first came to Christ in faith, I think we join an invisible host of companions, many angels.  Maybe those imaginary friends were angels I was really playing with, who knows.  Don’t you love thinking of angels in our presence.  I do.


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