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Today I’ve been creekwalking in my mind.  One of my favorite things to do in North Georgia is creek walking.  I recall walking along a creek up in Clayton Georgia, I’ll search my photo’s later to see if I can add one.  When I was a counselor up there I did this on a regular basis.  I remember once taking a group up to a creek that led to a waterfall.  I remember the cool water and wearing my tennishoes out that summer from so many creek walks.  One creek walk I got all the kids to collect rocks and things to bring back to camp so we could polish them, there was this one little kid named Hunter, he was a lot smaller than the other kids, but he went way above and beyond, collecting many little shiny stones, way more than the other kids, he stuff every pocket full, shirt, and jacket,  and even carried many in his shirt.  I’m not sure what brought this memory to life today.  But I think of it and smile.  This was quite a big hike, and with the load he had he began to get way behind.  I usually didn’t take groups more than 15, we always had one counselor in the front and one in the back, I was in the back this day, and I made a few attempts to help Hunter, maybe try to lessen the load by getting rid of some of the stones, but he was adamant at keeping them all.  I had a backpack and my own load, but realizing how tired he was getting offered Hunter to put some of his load in my backpack.  He got thisfunny look on his face and smiled real big, he said “Why don’t you just carry me, and I’ll carry all my stones.”   Not sure how I did it but I threw him on my shoulders and off we went.  We finally made it back to camp.   I think back on this today, I wonder how often we are like little Hunter, still wanting to carry our burdens, but willing to be carried if the offer comes along.  I’ve said this many times, I’ll carry all my burdens or problems, but you can carry me.  We can cast all our cares upon Him, I know that’s somewhere in the bible, may be worded differently, but I remember it.  I found a picture, this was of the waterfall that the creek ended in. 


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