River of Life

There is this one dream I’ve had a few times that stays with me.  It’s of a river.  It starts with my famiy by a river, we all have intertubes, and my dad throws me in the river.  I’m scared at first but then we all float along having fun.  Then the river gets rough and separates us, I get thrown further along the river, meeting other people, also from my past, friends, past loves.  I have fun with them on the river as well, but I keep losing people as the water changes, or falling over waterfalls.  I see them from time to time as well as family.  I even find myself paddling away from some, and them paddling away from me.  Then I see me now,  and people in my life.  I smile, the sun comes out and I hold hands with this man looking deep in my eyes.  He’s got dark hair and Hazel eyes and we look at the river in front of us.  Then I see there is still a string still attached to my intertube, and I start pulling them, I touch the string, and I see the person it’s attached too.  This makes me smile.  But something is also saying this river is no strong, how with this little string keep us together?  I see another waterfall, but instead of losing everyone, I just float along in the air, I see the water way below me and everyone I care for, but I enjoy being up high and seeing them below me.  I only float a while then I fall, at first it’s scary, but then it’s fun, I look forward to the big splash.  I come up and there’s Brian smiling and asking what I was doing floating for so long.  I just smile.  Then I wake up.  This dream makes me think of something I remember from high school when we read Roman Literature and Philosophy.  Marcus Aurelius was my favorite.  He wrote.  “Time is like a river of fleeting events, and it’s current is strong; as soon as something comes into sight, it is swept past us, and something else takes its place, and that too will be swept away.  Just writing about this dream brings many thoughts about my life. 


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One Response to “River of Life”

  1. gorgeous photo
    intriguing dream – ponder and expand on it; it has riches to tell you.

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