Still here

Wow so my last post Nate and I were moving into our place together, We called it the Love Shack.   I completely quit my usual blogging.   Not sure why?  It’s strange my relationship before complained I blogged to much, and said that put a strain on our relationship, so this time I completely quit blogging.   So here I am back at again.     Nate and I broke up about a few months ago.    I’ve been writing again, prose, short stories, you name it.   Drawing, jogging.  Staying busy.  So it’s time I started blogging again.   I wrote this a while back kind of to give you an idea how hard the breakup was for me.


Must I lose him so quickly?

Like the reality of a dream he filled

       E  N  D  L  E  S  S         D  A  Y  S

And Just as permantely and just as quickly

As he came, he left

And I?  I am left with the dream of a reality

It was hard, my heart pretty strong!   Now here I am in a whole different reality than what I had envisioned back in January when I wrote my last post.   Life definitely goes on.     I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer, probably never have been anyway.   It was an awesome time, it has hurt for sometime.  But life is good!   I am mostly happy!   More to come……..


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3 Responses to “Still here”

  1. I stop by regularly, hoping to see you posting. I was glad to see you did so, but I was saddened to read some of the contents.
    I hope this new leaf in your book allows you to blog more often and share your thoughts for I do like to hear from you.

  2. Thanks mr! Well all I got is time now, lol. Good to hear from you! Going to check out some SPO reflections myself now.

  3. I’m sad for you that things have changed in a lonely way. Hope the future will bring new life, and new love. Thanks for commenting over at Bear Me Out.

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