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gavinme5Wow, once you actually give blogging a rest, it is very easy to give it a rest, this was my first really long rest blogging in many years.   I’ve been doing it for years.   But all of a sudden I got really into facebook.   It was my newest thing.   I wonder how many folks blog that are on facebook.  Well there’s a lot I’ve missed saying in the few months I’ve been silent.   First look how big Gavin has got.  This picture was actually a few months old since the last time I went home, can’t belive I havn’t posted anything since then.  Well two weekends ago we had our little family vacation.  Look at him now at the beach.  Everyone has grown.  Autumn, Eli, and Ethan just started back to school last week.  Autumn 4th grade, Eli, 2nd grade, and Ethan in Kindergarten.   Does time ever slow down.  Sure wish it would.   I just keep getting older.  I’m going to try and start back blogging more regular.   Just have to make myself.gavinsandgavinbarell

~ by deveil on AugustUTCb000000pmMon, 10 Aug 2009 17:56:46 +000009 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “New post”

  1. I was beginning to think you were no longer writing. It was nice to see you posting again.

  2. Nice to see a new post of yours! Hope to find you on FB too!

  3. By the way, how do I find you on FB?

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