Capturing what’s REAL


As many of you know I’m a photographer.    Many would think one of the things I say often is, “Smile”.   Actually I don’t say it as much as you would think.   I do say it though from time to time.   But I remember something I was told about myself when I was a little boy.   I can’t remember if my mom told me this or my Mema.   But she said that when I was a little boy that I had a smile that lit up an entire room.    She said it was a natural kind of smile, and you couldn’t help but be happy when you were in the company of it.    She said that at some time people started commanding me to smile for them.   That everyone wanted to see the smile that I had always  shared with them.    She said the more that people commanded it that the less and less that I would smile.    That story has always stuck with me to a certain degree.   So I don’t command smiles to those I photograph, I may compliment them on their smile but I never command it.    A real smile comes from inside this I know.  It’s from the heart, not of the face.  Sometimes I can tell when someone is giving mea  phony smile in a photograph.    Seems in photograph’s especially people are looking for happiness.   I watch as parents coax and beg little ones to smile.   Most of the time not all of the time I do better without their pleas and coaxing.   Whether we’re happy or sad or mad is essential.   I rather capture the real emotion going on within someone than something that is not real.    REAL is something I wanted and strived for ever since I read “The Velveteen Rabbit” not so many years ago.   I know about putting up a happy face even when I may not be feeling happy, I did that for years.   Changing our facial expressions is easier than changing our attitude that’s for sure.   Different things makes people happy, for some it’s music, for some it’s children.   For some, like me it’s capturing a moment in time,that’s real!


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4 Responses to “Capturing what’s REAL”

  1. What a nice story….and a beautiful pic!

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  3. that was a lovely thought.

    I would add that we often turn into what we practice, so going through the motions of smiling (even when you don’t mean it) often translates into a real smile in time.

  4. Great post and nice picture!

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