Memories as Inspiration and a Birthday Wish

I was texting a friend today that was a bit bored to find something they enjoy to do.   I suggested writing, cause he mentioned at one time he enjoyed creative writing.   He texted me back he was in the library looking for something to inspire him to write.  It got me thinking about some of my own inspirations for writing.   One main thing for me is my memory.   From an early age everyone always would compliment me on my memory.   What is memory anyway.   What is this thing that enables us to recall past feelings, sights, sounds, smells, and experiences.    I’m amazed at all the feeling that comes up for me when I try and play the little game with my mind on something stored or preserved in this old “Just Thinking” brain of mine. 

Last week I mentioned going to my therapist.   She’s someone I’ve talked about my memories with a lot.     I have so many happy and joyful memories stored in my head, of family, of friends, of good times.   I still love reminiscing with my family and friends of those times. 

On another note memory can be something that torments you.  There are things I’ve done in my life that I will never be able to turn the page back and relive.   I have asked for forgiveness, sometimes from those people I hurt.   Some of the times I wasn’t sorry, but felt sorry later, so I’ve had to go to God to ask for my forgiveness.   I have learned one thing, you really can’t run from the past.   But I do know that past hurts and pains can be erased, or forgiven.  There are also those that have hurt me as well, some that I have forgiven, some that I am learning to forgive.

Funny I stay away from writing, and today just texting someone else to write brought up feelings in me.   I could probably write pages on memories and what they are like to me, I know I’ve written quite a few analogies about Memories.   I’ll have to post them some time.

Also speaking of memories, my friend Mike Cox’s birthday is today, I have quite a few years of memories with him.   He’s quite an amazing man.   I’ve been lucky enough to call him a friend for quite a few years now.  Not sure how old he is this year, doesn’t really matter, seems with every year that I’ve known him God seems to just keep adding more life to him with each year.   acox

Right now I’m in the library over by the church.   About to have our Ash Wednesday service in a few minutes so guess I better wrap things up.   Well actually I just got home from the Ash Wednesday service, how funny that the service almost had much to do with what I wrote about today.   It was  a nice little service, here I am with my ashes.



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One Response to “Memories as Inspiration and a Birthday Wish”

  1. Take the good ones and the bad, mix it all up and you have something beautiful. xo, r

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