Look at that smile


Marcia Brady cried and cried when she got braces, but not Autumn.    Look at that smile, Sherry sent me the picture of her after she got her braces today.   She’s not a baby anymore that’s for sure.  I see this picture of her and smile.   I love being around her and all the questions she asks.   Eli and Ethan too.    Gavin’s not talking yet, lol.   I wish sometimes I had kids.   But this may be as close as I get.  Anyway I enjoy their questions, and I enjoy answering them as best I know how with whatever they ask.   Makes me wonder what the children of the world are asking.   And what are we telling them about ourselves.   Autumn has always been very open with me with her questions from a very young age.   She knows I like boys as she says.   She doesn’t ask me a lot of questions.   Once she did ask someone that I brought home to kiss me.   And he did oblidge her.   I also think of my own values and my lifestyle.   I know in many ways she will make up her own decision about what she feels.   But I’m happy to know that she loves me very much, and I think she knows how much I love her as well.  

On other notes I ran tonight.   I’m a bit full I woofed down some minestrone soup after running.   Now just been contemplating life.   Wondering about all those people that come into our lives.   When they come into our lives.   I’m happy of all those people that have come into my life.   The things they’ve taught me.    I also hope I can enrich someones life, and  bring some happiness to theirs.    Went to lunch today with my old friends Skip and Cindy.    We were thinking back about 15 years, when it used to be a regular thing for us to spend lots of time together.   It was a nice lunch.  Guess I need to sit with my thoughts a while longer let them brew.   I think I’m still trying to figure out what I’m thinking about.   That’s me JUST THINKING……..


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