Thankful for Mema

A new friend of mine’s grandmother is being taken care of by Hospice.   My thoughts and prayers are with he and his family.  It has made me think of my Mema. One of my fond memories of my Mema is when she prepared these huge meals for all the hungry farm workers during the time of harvesting.  I still don’t see how she did it, I can’t remember anyone helping her but there may have been but I remember her always saying I’m not sure if there is going to be enough for everyone.  All the family would clean up inside and the farmhands would use the spicket outside.  They would all eat picnic style outside sitting on the grass, and we would eat inside, sometimes I would take my desert outside and talk to them.  I never really had to work hard when I was little at Mema’s, I got to just be a little boy and observe.  I don’t remember Mema smiling a bunch, but I remember this look of satisfaction when everyone told her how good it was and the fact that she always made just the right amount to go around.  Most of the time she would even make more than enough.

Makes me think today how we struggle to feel that way about our weekly resources, you know, gas, groceries, bills, all that stuff.  At the end of meal or the end of pay week, do we really believe that we’ve been given enough?  How does it go?  “Give us this day our daily bread”.  How much do we expect to be supplied?  As much as we want or as much as we need?

I think about how I eat now.  Sometimes I don’t eat just to be satisfied, I eat to the point of being stuffed, especially at China Buffet.  So am I being greedy?  Why is it I’m always wanting a little more of everything.  I want more money, more this more that.  But maybe what I have is exactly the right amount.  Let me be more thankful for what I do have.  I’m thankful for what I have.  I watched “Prayers for Bobby” tonight on Lifetime, wow.  I’m thankful for having such a loving and supportive family.   This is the last picture I have of me and my Mema.memame


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One Response to “Thankful for Mema”

  1. Thanks for sharing the nice meomory about your memo. About you eat too much in Chinese buffet, you are not the only one! It is just because there are too many delicious dishes to try! Not necessarily to be greedy. 🙂

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