Miss my sisters


I talked to both of my sister’s today.  I sure miss both of them.  Had a good chat with both of them.  Decided I was going to make myself write tonight.  It’ s been a while and yes, it’s time.   Have you ever had a time in your life where you felt you were under extreme pressure.  Lately I’ve been feeling that way, but I have no idea why.  Or maybe I do.  I’m hard on myself at times.   Lately I feel like I’m not doing my best.   When I say the best, what do I mean.   I mean the best, the best for me, the best for God, the best for all that is going on around me.   I say most of the time I am doing my best.  But I wonder sometimes am I really.   I still seem to be questioning myself.  What is it Derek that you want out of life?   Why don’t you make time for your quiet time like you used to.    I have been trying to do my best in some aspects of my life.  Like I’ve been training for the Gate River Run which is on March 14th.   It’s funny I started back on Jan 1st running.   I found out quick my unused muscles.  Mostly the exercise seems to be training those muscles to do what they are designed to do.   I want to think of things like my gifts that God has given me as my muscles.   Although I’m using my muscles that I havn’t worked as much training for the Gate River run.   I feel like I’m not using my gifts like I’m supposed to.   I am trying, but in ways I’m still struggling.  I want to work together, keep my body strong.   I need to sit down and reflect on my gifts and how I may be able to use them.   I know there are ways.   I’ve just got to make the effort so I can have an effect if that makes since.  

Well that felt good, funny how I go periods of time without expressing what I’m feeling in word.   I always feel a little better after I at least atempt to wrtie what I”m feeling in life.


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One Response to “Miss my sisters”

  1. After all that is one of the main points of blogging, no?
    I enjoy your introspections. I wish you luck trying to figure it all out.
    On the ‘not to be worrying’ note, if we are still, and try not to ‘make it happen’ eventually God gets through to us what we are to do.

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