Ave Maria

Here we are singing Ave Maria at the concert last weekend. I havn’t been writing as much lately but wanted to tonight. I got a card from my mom tonight saying in this busy world time passes so quickly and we can’t see each other to talk, share, and just be together as much as we want..but there’s not a day that goes by that she’s not thinking of me with love, smiles, and happy memories. I feel lucky I’m loved so much by her.
Seems lately I havn’t found time for myself, finding myself under extreme pressure. Have you ever found yourself in those times in your life when you were so burdened by tasks and responsibilities that there just was simply no breathing space to prepare for your quiet times, your still times, your meditations? That’s kind of how I’ve felt the last few weeks. With work, with getting ready for the concert, with a few photoshoots and a little achy back. I just havn’t been finding my quiet times. I’m not complaining, I’ve had a great time. The concert was very fulfilling to me in many ways. Tonight my mind has been on my family, on friends both past and present and maybe future. I’m thankful for all those who have brought so much to my life. I hope I can give back just a small bit of what I have received. I fill my mind being filled lately with thoughts, wants, goals. Pursuit of happiness. I’m happy! I just have to make more time for my quiet times and I know this. I want to write more. I wonder one day what words will be my legacy?

That’s me on the back row, it’s not really clear, but I’m the tan, tall bald one, with the bushy beard, lol.


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3 Responses to “Ave Maria”

  1. I do not recognize the musical setting. Who is the composer? (Very nice, btw.)

  2. Very nice singing! And your description about yourself surely makes it easier to spot you in the clip! LOL. Happy holidays!

  3. I love Ave Marias – so much love goes into them

    “tis the season’ hohoho to feel like there is too much to do.
    use time well rather than ‘make some’.
    don’t sweat the small stuff.

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