My mom’s cousin Linda


Friday night I had dinner with my mom’s first cousin Linda, her dad and my Nana were brother and sister.   I really enjoyed spending time with her.   Something about her really reminds me of what my Nana would have looked like when she was younger, more so than my mom.   She has a sweet manner.   I met her about two years ago at one of my friends dinners.   I mean I knew my mom’s cousin lived here in Jacksonville, but had no idea she and I were running around here in Jacksonville in some of the same circles.

Had a nice weekend.   Went out Friday with Cox and Gavin, met some guys from Ft. Lauderdale, Dave and Robert, was great meeting you guys.   Saturday, I had a photoshoot with some of the former NFL cheerleader’s for headshots, left there and went to Julie and Theresa’s Christmas party, then went out again, and got really silly.  Today I went to church, came home, did some Christmas shots of Mark and Shelby for Christmas cards, and napped a good bit and tried going over my music some more.  Can’t believe our concert is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of next week.


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One Response to “My mom’s cousin Linda”

  1. Love the extra scruff 😉
    What do you mean exactly by being really silly??

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