Friday night

Sitting here about to go jump in the shower.  I didn’t finish about my weekend last week, before another is upon me.   Karl, Turk, and I went out for a while dressed in matching scary drag for a while Friday night, not sure why but we never made it out, lol.   So I ended up dressed in Caveman attire, with a short loincloth, so I could show some leg, I actually showed a bit more than that.   It was fun.   Saturday my friend Wylie came from college, and we got to go out and act crazy on Saturday, actually he got to act a little crazier than me since I was driving, I’d tell you all the sordid details, but then I’d have to kill you, well actually Wylie would probably kill me.   He’s still just as funny as he always was.  I didn’t really get to feel like I got caught up with him, we were just going the whole time he was here.   He did run into one of his highschool loves about an hour before closing time, which was too funny.   Let’s say this, he did get his white shirt dirty.   This week really flew by.   Theresa, Julie, Drew, Karl, Marci, Phyllis, Chris, and Lee went to the Tina Turner concert Wednesday, so I stayed with the puppies on the river, it was so nice sitting out there, their house is so relaxing.   Here’s a picture of Wylie from my cellphone from Sunday morning, yes I had to go pick him up somewhere, some things never change, lol.  We did reminice a good bit of our acting days in college, and singing days at Disney and six flags.   And lots of other crazy things we did when we were in our late teens till 21.  There are so many stories it would fill a blog up itself.   Yes Wylie I’m part of your D.N.A.wylie


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2 Responses to “Friday night”

  1. Catching up with old friends and reliving memories = priceless. Now what about that link to those Halloween photos and don’t think for one minute about leaving out those of you in that “short loin cloth” showing all your naughty bits and pieces. 😉

  2. Hmm, great pics, as usual, but where o’ where are the pic’s of u in costume..teasing us I see..LOL..Sounds like you had a great weekend and doesn’t mind come too FAST!!!

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