Full Weekend


Friday was Halloween, and the spooks came out at night.   Went out and had a wonderful time.  I was a caveman.   Much fun was had by everyone.    The sweet potato queens were the winners of the cotume contest, they were too funny.   Aren’t they a pretty bunch.  There was the handsome stripper of course.


There were tropical depressions and cereal killers.


Dan was looking like a cute German gal bartending, and with a sexy bartender showing off his lederhousin, I know I spelled that wrong


There were sheriff’s and sailor’s and I can of liked Michael Myers.halloween-018halloween-132

There were many more there too, from fairies, the Joker nurse from Batman, I’ll send a link to all the Halloween pictures later.  There were also gator fans since it was Ga/Fla weekend. 


Saturday went to a Ga/Florida game over at Tom and Drew’s their house is beautiful, and their backyard with the pool, and the shack as they call it was unreal.   Lots of good food and drink.  My friend from college Wylie came up as well, and he went over there with me as well, wish I’d had my camera.  The night turned pretty wild after the party, and we went out.  More on that later.   Rested most of Sunday, went to church.  Today was a quick day at work followed by chorus practice.  I’m showered and ready for bed now.  Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Looks almost like the Village People in drag.

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