We spend a good part of our lives preoccupied it seems with self.  Think about hour to hour, how much do you think mostly of yourself, and how the actions or inactions of others might affect our life.   Our thoughts revolve almost around our plans, our problems, our wants, our needs.
I’m not saying you, me too much of the time.   
There are other moments in my life that seem more important though, they are the moments of stillness, of meditation.   I find my spiritual life or the hours that pass within my spiritual life are more comfortable, more productive, and less exhausting, just writing about it at this moment makes me feel good.  I think we also can find some real happiness and fullfillment from the service of others.  Sometimes it’s just by listening or being a good listener.  We listen best when we go beyond simple attention and listeen understandingly and in a nonjudging way.  Even when we are unable to come up with specific advice or helpful answers, a caring nod of the head or “I know” can make a difference.  Listening is a gift of kindness we can always offer to another person.  I know I sure am thankful for those that have listened to some of my rambles.  I don’t know if I wrote about it yet or not.  But I got to meet another one of my Saturday Spotlights. 

I actually got to meet Donny and his partner Dan a few weeks ago when they came into Jacksonville.  Well Donny had a fish fry and my friend went over to their house and spent the day.  It was so beautiful over there.  Always great making new friends.  They both great guys.  Look forward to doing some photography with Donny.  It was also nice getting to spend it with a friend out there as well.  Hope everyone’s having a great week.  I also saw this video this week that blew me away, check it out.


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