Bear Bust’s Mr. Daddy Bear 2008

 I was really excited my first year at Bear Bust in Orlando Florida in 1997.  I remember the anticipation, the excitement.  I was also a little scared and overwhelmed when I first walked into this different Bear land.   My first year I was a little shyer.   I remember the contest, I remember wanting to be in the cub contest all my friends tried talking me into it.   I remember the Mr. Bear Daddy that won that year, woof how I wanted to go up to him and meet him.  By my third year I wasn’t quite as shy.   I hid behind my big camera, and used it as a way to meet men.   Now after all these years, I was really scared this weekend as I was about to walk onto the stage of Bear Bust’s Mr. Bear Daddy.  My mind was racing from the first time I came to Bear Bust, all the guys I’d met over the years.  Was I really nervous?   Was it that woofy Sam who talked finally got me to go over and put my name on the list of contestants.  Someone from those wonderful Bear’s of Central Florida Committee had already came over and approached me once to be in the contest or was this going to happen sooner or later.   I’ve always felt like it was in my blood.   Like a vampire, A little nervousness hit me right before, and I told Cox and Gavin I’m not sure I can do it, but the time came I’ve always knew I was going to walk onto that stage.  I walked onto stage and tore my shirt off, buttons flying as I am baring my hairy chest to an audience of so many screaming men.  I can’t explain the rush it gave me, but it was a rush, from the wonderful judges to the MC US Daddy Eric Siglin, he’s held a lot of titles, and plays in some Bear Films, he’s great and volunteer’s his time to many events and charities, have always admired him,  and best of all all those yelling guys.    I threw my shirt into the audience, camera’s flashing and danced to Dirty White Boy, followed by a few questions from Daddy Eric, I was the last contestant in the contest and the Mr. Grizzley contestants followed.   Afterwards, they brought the Mr. Cub contestants back out and announced the winner.   Then we came on stage, hands behind our backs.   About to announce the winner when I feel my arms being held and marched forward and announced the winner of Mr. Bear Daddy.   A warm feeling filled my body from hairy toe to shaved head.  A feeling of personal bear pride.    A feeling that I was finally the Bear I wanted to be.   I think I need to start me a bear blog now.   Anyway more to come about the weekend, this was just me wanting to share a little bit about my weekend.   I’ve got many thank you’s to folks to come.  And hopefully some fun pictures to share, thought I’d start with one from a wonderful group of guys.  Check out there site at 

 Their clothing is geared for the bear community.  They also let you custom design your shirt.   I got many wonderful prizes and they made me an awesome shirt pictured here the day after I had won.  It was a little early and I was a little hung over.  But I was happy to put it on for them so they could take a picture.   I’ll sent them some more of just me and the tshirt later.  I’m still running a bit tired, this bear needs some hybernation.


You can also check out Wooftease’s pictures from Bearbust at

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6 Responses to “Bear Bust’s Mr. Daddy Bear 2008”

  1. Hairy toe. Yummy. And did you say something about dirty white boy? oh boy.

  2. I feel like royalty now!

    Well, at least I’ve touched royalty! HA HA!

    Hugs and Congrats!

  3. Congratulations again for the title of Mr. Bear Bust Daddy! Now we haev to call you DD = Daddy Derek! 🙂

  4. Hey mr.Daddy Bear 2008. I want to send the pictures I took of you. Drop me a line.

  5. Dude, you owe me a jock strap….

  6. love you

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