Saturday Spotlight: Tate Tullier

I first saw Tate’s website after seeing some pictures he had done for our bud Brettcajun    .  I thought he did a great job on his pictures, so I checked out his site, the man has talent, the way he captures the human form is wonderful, and he really has an eye.   And he’s cute too, lol.  So many wonderful photographers out there.   He’s a wedding photographer as well.   I shot a wedding today from 10 till 5 and boy did it wear me out, I’ve been in bed since 6 and now I’m just waking up.  Here’s a shot he did of ole Brett  whom I’m guessing is probably watching LSU right now.

~ by deveil on OctoberUTCb000000pmSat, 11 Oct 2008 21:39:16 +000008 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Saturday Spotlight: Tate Tullier”

  1. I am pleased as punch that my new Mac allows me to visit your blog with ease – the PC would often ‘freeze’ coming here – I suspect it is the lovely photos that made the PC cranky.
    But no more – now I can visit more regularly and see how you are doing and how are all your woofy boyfriends.

  2. HA HA. What a surprise! I got back from Dallas late Monday night. I am just now catching up on emails and blogs. Thanks for making me smile.

    I just wish my body was totally tan in that pic. I have a farmer’s tan! LOL.

  3. Oh Lord – that Cajun boy – he sure gets around!

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