Better physically and spiritually, I hope

Seems like in this age many of us are obsessed with physical fitness, daily workouts, vitamins, organic foot, in spite of the fact that our bodies keep ticking away in decline, yes we get older, I’ll be 41 in a few months.   Funny I remember reading Dan’s Turning 40 years ago, and I turned 40 last year.  In my twenties and thirties I thought of my body as invincible, but I find my eyesight getting worse, my aches coming more.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  But I try.   Sometimes I even think with age I’m getting something.  So is it true with age we get worse physically?  What about spirtiually?  Can we get better with age?  Sometimes I think I’m learning and sometimes I think I’m learning the same things over and over.  My inward man gets renewed every day, even when I may be feeling pains on the outside.  I’m finding I’m having to dig deep more, cause I know the outside won’t last forever.   So it’s as important for me to get spiritually fit as it is physically.  It’s funny.  I still find myself caught up in trying to work on the outer appearances as much as I am the inside.  Sometimes I feel like I’m doing as good on the inside, and at other times I feel like I’m struggling.   I wanted to write something tonight.   I had a busy weekend, Had three weekend shoots.  I have a wedding this weekend.   My head is tired, and about to watch the debate.


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3 Responses to “Better physically and spiritually, I hope”

  1. Ugh…the debate. We’re having friends over for pizza, salad, debate, and wrech. And, for what it’s worth, I think you’re looking quite fine.

  2. I actually was in my best shape physically and mentally when I was in my 40’s. However, in my 50’s it all went downhill – except, I hope the spiritual side.

  3. That’s good! That nice smile of you in the picture just shows such all the postivie things going on for you!

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