Saturday Spotlight: Trey Ratcliff

As of lately one of my favorite photographer’s is Trey Ratcliff.  He does some amazing things with HDR photography.  You can read a bit about him on his bio Click here: About Trey Ratcliff | Stuck In Customs .  He also has a wonderful blog I enjoy at Click here: Stuck in Customs and you can check out his portfolio at

Click here: Stuck in Customs Portfolio This is something that really interests me, something magical about them.   What a wonderful life to travel and see such exotic lands and sites.   It would be my dream.   I know I’ve been quiet the last week, my computer actually froze up on me about a week ago, so I’ve been computerless.   Finally got it out of the shop, so trying to catch up on things.   Life has been good.  Last week I sang at Pride in St. Augustine  I havn’t looked to see if they’ve added any pics yet.   Lot’s been going on, hope to catch up this week and start back writing more.

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