Summer Beach Photography

I forgot to do my Saturday Spotlight yesterday.  So thought I’d do it today.   Click here: Summer Beach Photography   Donny is a wonderful photographer close by in nearby Amelia Island.  Really enjoy his wildlife and landscape shots.   He’s a bud of mine and very talented.  Can’t wait to go do some shots with him sometime.  I kind of enjoyed getting my picture taken last week, so maybe we can do some creative stuff together.  Check out his work.   Love his portraits too! One of the things that is really cool about photography is finding other people that really enjoy something you like, and sharing shots, and stories.  He’s also into architectural photography, and I’d love to learn more about that as well.

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  1. […] know if I wrote about it yet or not.  But I got to meet another one of my Saturday Spotlights.  Click here: Summer Beach Photography « Still Thinking  I actually got to meet Donny and his partner Dan a few weeks ago when they came into […]

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