Fine Friday a little early: John

As the storm winds and rain surge outside of me, I’ve been stuck inside most of the day.  Today I pulled out some of the old photo albumns, of my first gay trip, to the ole so gay Key West at a gay bed and breakfast called Big Ruby’s where I met my fine Friday man.  He actually has been a Fine Friday guy once before here at this post

I’m leaving next Friday for New Orleans with Cox and Gavin, and John and I are staying at the Omni together. I look at pictures of us in our early 20’s, and smile big.  We’ve come a long way baby as the old ad went.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him again and can’t wait.  Been thinking about it a lot.   So for the second time here’s my Fine Friday, just in case the electricity goes off tonight and I’m without it tomorrow.   John, look forward to seeing you next Friday buddy in person again.  Been way too long!  Let’s not keep waiting so long in between.  Man these winds  are loud, I’ve been lazy today, reading most of the day, and washing clothes.   I call the emergency hotline tomorrow morning at 6:00 am would be nice to have another sleepy day.


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4 Responses to “Fine Friday a little early: John”

  1. Hey Buddy !
    You captured it – 20 years ago but the memories are so clear – Thank God. It seems this will be the year our orbits cross again.

    Can’t wait to see you!
    The world seem so much smaller now…
    I doubt you could loose me again LOL


  2. don’t you have any ugly friends? they are all stunning.

  3. Oh gosh…Decadence…I sure have some memories of a wee trip many years ago!

    Too bad there were no digital cameras to capture those good memories.

  4. Hope that the hurricane does not cause any damage or flooding in your area. That’s the one thing I absolutely do not miss in Florida.

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