Eli, Ethan’s big bro!  Such a good big brother!  Eli is much quieter than Ethan.  He doesn’t want a lot of attention like Ethan, and he doesn’t need a lot of hugs.  He’s an amazing kid though, very smart.  He is kind of very much to himself in many ways.  In the picture above, Eli was missing, and everyone was looking for him, I had happened to see him go to his hiding place, it was behind a big lounge chair and a two big doors of the main room, I crawled back behind there with him, and he looked at me and said it was his hiding place his secret house.  I told him I wouldn’t tell anyone, he had brought many of his toys back there and was just very content playing by himself.  He’s very inquisitive as well.  And has plenty of questions.   He’s really growing up I can’t belive he’s going to be turning six in a week.  He got a hermit crab on his last day on vacation, and really enjoyed playing with it, he’s also a little fish in the water.  He’s a daddy’s boy for sure, he reminds me very much of Andy, he looks just like his dad, but I can see a lot of my sister in both the boys as well.  

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One Response to “Eli”

  1. i swear, the good looks just go on and on in that family, don’t they. what a handsome young man!

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