Ethan or as we call him Hoss

Ethan or as we call him Hoss, was stuck to me like my shadow the entire week when we were on vacation.  I got lots of great pictures of him.  You can look at pictures of me when I was a little boy and he looks very much like I did.   I know he reminds everyone of me when I was little.   It was almost like he was my little boy the whole week, he’s really crazy about me, and I’m crazy about him as well.   One day he got me to take him down to the beach and he had the best time.  He looked up at me after we had walked pretty far, and said I guess it’s just you and me, and I smiled at him and said I guess it is.   He doesn’t get too far away from his mama, but when he’s with Uncle Dig-It, he’s pretty happy, and so is Uncle Dig-It.  I probably spent more time with him than I did anyone on the vacation.  He’s a tough rough one too, he loves attention too, and getting his way.   He especially wants my attention, I don’t think he was too crazy about me holding Gavin so much, he was funny, he would lay beside us when I would hold him, and he would ask me when are you going to be through holding Gavin?  But he was really good with his little cousin.  Missing them all

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One Response to “Ethan or as we call him Hoss”

  1. just as handsome as the rest of his family. must be a common thread.

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