Monday post

Wow it’s been a while since I posted.   A few weeks ago was Gay Pride here in Jax, I posted most of the pictures over at  You can check them out over there, not sure if you have to have a aol account or not will check that later or maybe you guys can tell me it works if you don’t have aol.  I need to post more.  Seems I’ve got so many pictures of different things now.   I also spent a week with my family on vacation.  Each day was really great spening with all of them.   I got to take lots more pictures of my nephews and niece and family.   I’ve had a few people comment on how one day in my blog your reading a sweet post about babies and the next day it’s a picture of some hairy men.   Lol, well I guess that’s just me.  Lots been going on lately.  Staying really busy.  Right now I’m feeling kind of under the weather.   So I thought I’d try and make a entry, but I think I’d just rather go crawl under the sheets.   It was pretty this weekend.  It’s been so hot out.  I have to walk around like this all the time.  Here’s one of sweet little Gavin, and another one of his hairy uncle Derek.   They no longer call me Uncle Dig-It, Ethan has decided to start calling me Uncle Derek, so the rest of them are too, well sometimes they still slip and call me Uncle Dig-It. Gavin is such a sweet baby, so cute, he’s got my bald head, lol.  I spent much of my vacation just holding him, and looking at him as he looked at me, it’s almost as if he can see right through me and already knows how much I love him.  Something about a baby that gives us new life.   He’s such a happy baby, he seldom cries, and smiles all the time, I got him to laugh a few times.  Can’t wait to see him again, and everyone else.   He wasn’t that crazy about the water.  He’s so fair skinned and such blue eyes, that he wasn’t too crazy about being out in the sunlight either.  They were calling us ebony and ivory.  My mom would look at me and say you may big big and hairy now, but you were once a little bitty baby just like Gavin, I was the first baby.  Hard for me to think of me not hairy, lol.


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6 Responses to “Monday post”

  1. Awh precious!!! Too cute for words!!! I love babies! 🙂 Oh yeah, Gavin is cute, and you’re just HOT!

  2. The little man is just the sweetest little thing. Absolutely adorable. The big man is WOOF.

  3. Who has the loveliest eyes is unclear to me.
    You win though for the ‘person i would like to cuddle’

  4. Oh wow! Hes one of the most beautiful little babies I have ever seen. He truly is lovely 🙂 Now you have to start posting even more of these sexy photos of you. I just want to run my fingers through your hair which means all over your body since your so hairy! I likes! 🙂

  5. Beautiful baby. hot, handsome man. I’m lining up after UrSpo for snuggling rights.

  6. “Available for Playdates”
    YOU need to get a t-shirt with that printed on the front.

    Looking hot as always, Derek!!

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