Sexy Saturday: Jim

Since I didn’t post a Fine Friday, decded to post a Sexy Saturday.  Jim is one of the most handsome dancers and guys in Jacksonville to me.  He danced last week at 616 so I got some shots of him.  I’ve always thought he was one of the most sexy men in Jacksonville.


~ by deveil on AugustUTCb000000pmSat, 02 Aug 2008 20:34:25 +000008 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sexy Saturday: Jim”

  1. i think you have far too many hot sexy friends and the universe is out of balance this way; please send 3-4 to me (including this one, who may count for 2).

  2. Woah, That sure eased my day in the office.

    Hope you are well Derek.I am alive kicking and well down south.

  3. I am not leaving my desk for a while as I might knock things at crotch level over!

  4. OMG! He has such a sexy body! Instant erection here!

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