Pool Party

I went to two pool parties yesterday, the first one was over at Julie and Theresa’s.  I made chicken salad with dried cranberries and sliced apples, it was a hit, and potato salad, that was o.k.   It was great being with everyone in the church family.  Especially with Val, Rochelle, Aaron, and the twins Caitlyn, and Ryan, I just love hearing Aaron say Uncle Derek.   They give me this happiness that I can’t describe in words.  The twins are gettting so big, Ryan especially he’s almost as big as Aaron, Ryan couldn’t get enough of me yesterday.  We all ate well, played in the pool.  After I left there went to a big boys party, lol.  I’ll post pictures from there tomorrow.  Had a lot of fun over there too.  Church was good today, seems like Pastor Linda service was on everything I wrote about this past week, instead of a rope like I had mentioned in an earlier entry, she spoke of  a ladder.  Hope all had a great week.  Start to another new one tomorrow!  Have a great week.


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2 Responses to “Pool Party”

  1. Actors and production staff as well as TV appearances. Uncle

  2. Cute kids! Great that you had good time at pool parties!

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