Thursday Thoughts

We were snorkeling somewhere in the Elutheran islands in the Bahamas.  The boat had dropped us off in the deep water for better sites and gone back to the big boat.   The current was swift, they had told us which rock formations not to go around, because the current could take you out with it.  This was my first time swimming without my flippers.   Not sure why we swam this time without them.  I looked at the distance between me and the sailboat, and looked at all the empty ocean, a part of me was feeling a bit panicky.  It was a bit hard to control my breathing for a few minutes.   I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.   Theresa and Julie had already signaled for the small boat to pull them with the rope to one of the nearby islands.   I decided I would do the same.   I was very happy when that rope came, sometimes in the middle of the Ocean you feel pretty small.  Do you ever start feeling a bit panicky about events in your life?  Maybe it seems as if you are surrounded by the open Ocean of relationship problems, or money, or simply the inability to put your life in order.  Perhaps you feel as if you are drowning in a sea of trials and trouble.  So where do we go when we get here?  For me it’s not good to stay here alone.  It’s when I ask for help.  Sometimes life’s troubles are too much to take on alone.  I look for my rope, in my friends, family, and God.  I also do a lot of praying


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