Tuesday Thoughts

Today was one of those days when life’s struggles piled up and ran over. Seems lately there is always something that has to get done.  Can’t seem to stay on top of things, but I’m doing what I can each day.  The photo projects need to be finished, but I’m so tired when I get off work, all I want to do is relax.  I miss my family and look forward to seeing them soon.Seems I am asking for direction for my future, praying, waiting for an answer, but He is silent.  At times I wonder if He cares and is He listening, but I know in my heart God hears, it’s me that is refusing to listen.  Refusing to believe the good, istead trying to stay busy, then having fun on the weekends. 

Last week at lunch I was letting out my landlords dog Shelby to go pee, and I felt like something was staring at me, I look to my left and there’s a snake on the bushes staring right at me, usually something like that would scare me to death, but for some reason the snake seemed more scared of me.  I went and got my camera and took a picture of it. I had taken off my shoes and was walking through the grass and my feet hit something like very prickly, then I was scared I had stepped on another snake and it had gotten me, this time I screamed, but I looked down to find myself in a little stickers.  They hurt too, I think life is much like those stickers.  I guess we were never promised that our lives would be void of trials and tribulations, or even pain.  Each little sticker  represents trials, pain, and frustrations.  I guess they represent times in our spiritual walk, Brettcajun inspired me today with his blogpost. I too find myself spiritual.  At times we are ridiculed and condemened by others.  Those ole stickers can stand for man different things to different people.  But have you seen the beautiful flower at the top?  It really is lovely!  And it’s sitting on a crown of thorns.
We all carry our pain in different ways.  I know each day he is molding me, prodding me on, testing me to see what I’m made of.  The next time you see those painful pricklies in your foot, or just pain of anykind, remember that God in His loving mercy created them to remind us that our lives may seem full of thorns and thistles, but there is beauty in the midst of them all.  What am I getting out of LIFE?  It’s a question everyone seems to be asking.  The last few day I’ve been thinking about what am I putting in the lives of others?  I never knew before that life was good for anything but what one could get out of it at one time.  Now I feel like the real fun lies in seeing how much one can put into the life of others. I was trying to post the picture of the snake I took, but maybe it’s not supposed to go with the post, so I’ll post it another time.  Maybe the snake stood for something else, like anxiousness, and all the things that I feel at times, I know that’s not part of God’s plan for me, I know that comes from another direction all together.   But I sure pray that I get better with things like that.


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