Drinking makes me take my shirt off

Yesterday was beerbash, J.P., Dean, Cox, Gavin, Hector, Bernie, Frank, Steve, Turk, Karl, Billy, Jim, Wayne, Jeffrey, Matt, Charles all went out for the beer bash, they do this once a Sunday every month, and last night was a wild one.  We all had way to much fun.  What does beerbash do to me, this is just to give you a little idea.  Actually these were send to me by Jeffrey, he took them at one of the past ones of me and Dean acting crazy, we’s the hairiest ones out of the bunch.  I really acted way too silly.  The whole crew had a lot of fun, it was too cool. Actually I probably need to take a little break, seems like I’ve been drinking a way bit too much lately. 

~ by deveil on JulyUTCb000000amMon, 14 Jul 2008 11:57:58 +000008 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Drinking makes me take my shirt off”

  1. oh for god’s sake….you boys! show offs.


  3. Party + alchol = Derek goes wild! LOL. Great that you had a good time to enjoy yourself.

  4. no fair; showing all that fuzz and not having a chance to rub our paws through it.

  5. These pics were such a treat for me to see. Thanks for sharing! WOOF! I need to go to the next beer bust! 🙂

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