Bears on the River

I sit here today thinking of yesterday and my visit down the river, river’s like this have to stay preserved and protected.  Looking at this picture I can hear all the sounds, smell the freshness of it all, and feel the coolness of the water soothing my spirit. Yesterday, was fun, Cox, Gavin, James, Troy, Jen, and Pat all went down the river yesterday, met John as well and we went down the river, the water was so crystal clear.  It was the Bears on the river.  Cool crystal clear spring wter, eel grass, little and not so little fish swim beneath you as you see them clearly.  Tiny minnows gently nipping you as you let your feet dangle into the water.  A family of red-eared sliders (turtles) sunning themselves on a moss draped cypress log.  Distant sound of nature, peaceful as it was in the beginning.  My thoughts fade back to my teenage years going down this same river and what it meant for me then, and what it means for me today.  The river is still as beautiful as it was then.  I remember imagining going under water and swimming through a cave and coming up on another side with a whole new world on the other side.  On the othe side people lived as peaceful as the foilage. Ferns amond lillies, trees among bushes.   I dove in a couple of caves today looking for the cave that would bring me to the peaceful other side.  Thoughts of 5 years floating down it came to mind, especially when I first jump in.  I was saved once right at the beginning.  Also thoughts of present come to mind, because I can see what life is for me today.  Much different but still very happy and content.  Thankful for friends, thankful for what life has to offer. Pictures of bears on the river coming up soon as soon as they are developed couldn’t take my nice camera down the river. 

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2 Responses to “Bears on the River”

  1. I’ve been on the St. John’s River at Palatka with friends…what a fantastic place of discovery!

  2. Crystal River tubing is the best activity in the hot Florida summer! Great that you had fun with your friends there.

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