Pro or no

Someone asked me the other day if I was a professional photographer?   In today’s way of thinking, receiving payments moves you into a higher category-that of professional.  The reasoning is that if someone is willing to pay for a service, you must be really good.  An amateur, therefore is considered to have less skill or talent.  So now you are wondering is Derek an professional or an amateur.  When I was a teenager I always started my speeches off with a subject followed by the dictionary meaning of something.  So I feel like doing that now.  The original meaning for amateur comes from the word amore, which means “to love”  An amateur is someone who does something simply for the love of it.   So I think of myself as a amateur photographer who just happens to get paid.  I do believe I have skill and a talent for it.  I feel like I’m still learning so much and still training with every shoot.  I think of it as a simile, amateur like I am with life.  Makes me feel like starting another poem, it’s about time, been a while.   I think of my bible stories that I know so well, back in the bible religious professionals were using their position to gain power and prestige for themselves, not to serve people.  Jesus didn’t choose those who were wise, mighty or noble by human standards, he chose those who were willing to follow Him and be trained for loving service.

Thinking about the past and thinking about the present things are still very much the same.   I want to serve for the love it.   With the photography, it is a nice bonus to get paid for it.  I really do love it.  There are things I want to do in my life to serve, not for a price, not for nobility, just because I know how much God loves me, and it makes me want serve.   In the past I’ve tried to prove things to people, I wonder sometimes if I’m trying to prove something to myself.  Makes me think of the one thing I remember it say in the bible that Jesus asks us to do.  Love one another.


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6 Responses to “Pro or no”

  1. Hey, where is that last shot taken? Looks like Half Moon Quay in the Bahamas (Holland America’s private beach).

  2. you have a talent; I am glad you are using it for the Glory of God and for others (like me!)

  3. You sure do have great skills on photograph for sure!

  4. The love for your art is always evident in the pics you post. Just in case, I’ve never told you, thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. Definately PRO! You have such an incredible eye.

  6. love one another… YES! I liked your post here, it is something I have thought about at times too. So many people, when something beomes a profession, they loose the passion that they had grasped firmly early on. The passion and joy is what it is all about, and I am grateful every day that I have never lost loving what I do. Great post my friend:)

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