The finish line

The Olympics are coming up in August.  Opening in Beijing.  I’ve always loved watching the Olympics and can’t wait to start watching again this year.  Swimming is my favorite, probably because I was a competitive swimmer, I even went to state to compete after winning in regionals.   I also enjoy watching the track and field during the games and quite a few other ones.  Something about crossing that finish line.  I’ve written about many things over the years in my blogs.  Today I guess with the vision of the Olympics that finish line comes to mind.  I had a nice weekend.  Spent the 4th with some friends at a pool party,and ate so much good food.  Watched fireworks.  Went out afterwards.

Saturday and Sunday got to spend more time getting to know a friend a little better, yes the same friend I mentioned as last week.  I enjoy the person I’m getting to know, I see so many good things in him.  I also see a lot of things of myself about eleven years ago.   Has anyone special ever left the shirt they wore at your house?  That happened to me this weekend, I can’t quit smelling it.  Sometimes I think of all life has offered me.  I am very thankful for those things, the people that have come and gone in my life, the ones that have shown me love, even the ones that were there for other reasons, all there to teach me.  I hope when I pass the finish line of life, I will have crossed it victorious through the love I try and show others.  I once was unaware of how to show it or really experience it.  I once thought pain was what made us strong.  Maybe it’s something else.  Maybe it’s something else completely.


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