They done had another baby (Harley)

Well I warned Gavin to get his tubes tied, but once again he done birthed another baby.  Little Harley is so sweet.  I told Gavin he had his eyes.    Been busy lately.  I will still be posting pictures from the Bahamas later.  Been busy with work and the photography.  Have another shoot next weekend, then a vacation weekend, then a shoot the following.  Fun, fun.  I am loving it though.  I got to spend some time getting to know a friend of mine a little better this weekend, that was nice too.   Last night went over to Mike and Gavin’s, oh man was there a lot to eat.  Church was good today, but we found out we are not going to be able to move into the new church.  Their bishop doesn’t approve of civil unions being performed in that church.  So we won’t be moving, so on with the search.  Had lots of things on my mind lately, hope to try and find some time and sort things out in this ole taterhead of a brain.  Anyway hope all have been well, last night of the weekend.   Think I may go see the new Angelie Jolie movie “Wanted”.





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5 Responses to “They done had another baby (Harley)”

  1. I am mad-jealous; I want a dog very much but can not take care of one. I miss having a pooch.

  2. awwww, how cute!!!! Hope everything is well!

  3. It’s babies like Harley that make us glad we don’t go on the pill! 😀 (He’s a cutie – as are, of course, Mike and Gavin, too.)

  4. Cute dog!

  5. He is a beauty!

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