still thinking about vacation


Well it’s been exactly a week since I left for my dream holiday.   I had so much fun in the Bahamas.   The first big thing I had to do for the trip was shave my beard, so my mask would seal.   I didn’t have an electric razor.   It took almost a full hour for me to shave it all off, and it left me with quite the razor burn.   The boys and I left Friday night, stayed in Orlando, and got up early Saturday morning for flight to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Nassau.  Before I knew it we were there.   It was hot in the airport, but I couldn’t help but being excited.   The airport was really small, and we waiting an hour for the rest of our party of 7, total 10 to arrive so we could all take a vantaxi to the liquor store followed by our stop at the docks.   Poop Deck #2.   We spent the day in Nassau our first day mostly on foot.   I suffered with new shoes causing blistors on my first day, until I finally bought some better shoes.   Relief, I had my trusty camera along for the walk, and was mostly in awe of the beautiful color of the water, and Atlantis on the other side of the bridge.   We walked past parliement, went to the Pirate’s Museum, and had a night of fun, dancing, food, and drink, before we all made it back ready to hit the high seas the next day. 

The pirate’s musuem was fun, it was fully air conditioned, and it was the only time the first day walking around I remember being really cool.   I also took my first picture of a Bahamian woman.   Her name was Betty.  More later.


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2 Responses to “still thinking about vacation”

  1. Great pictures buddy, It truly does look like a lovely place. And you look lovely too 😉

  2. Nice pictures! Make me totally miss the Caribbean again.

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