We come from da mountain

No this is not my usual attire, dreadlocks and island hat, its from the conert this past weekend.   I gave Turk my camera to take some pictures from the concert.   Here’s a few. 

It was so nice to look out in the audience to see so many of my friends in the audience, Linda, Susan, Julie, Theresa, Mary, Sherry and her husband, Turk, Karl, Drew, Mike and Gavin were all there.  Drew even one the drawing.  I had so much fun, really enjoy singing with the First Coast Chorus.  I sitll have so many pictures I havn’t posted.  I took many from camping last weekend that I still havn’t posted.   I may just send a link to my picture website.   Also leaving in 2 days for the Bahamas and I’m so ready.


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6 Responses to “We come from da mountain”

  1. The pictures are lovely buddy and smiles all round too whcih is always good sign 🙂

  2. I want to go too 😦

  3. You come FROM the mountain? Honey, it looks like you’re going BACK TO the mountain. What fun!

  4. such nice smiles on such handsome fellows three

    Please leave the dreadlocks home when you go to Bahamas.

    I want a swimsuit photo when you are on holiday.

  5. Nice hat! Of course, nice smile! Have a great time in your Bahamas trip! Angel Island will be a fun place to stop by if you have a chance there.

  6. Hey rasta man!

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