Another Photoshoot and a beautiful weekend

The weekend just seems to fly by as always, I bet I’m the only guy that post lots of pictures of pretty women, lol.   This was my photo shoot this week.  Well I actually got over 60 shots, but these were some of my favorite’s.   I’ve been loving my new place.   I also got to use the backyard for some fo the pictures because of all the beautiful trees, and also the river.   I ran around with Karl one day and we enjoyed a little shopping, I bought some new white towels for the place.   Then we enjoyed The Cheesecake factory, I sure love those lettuce wraps.   He and Drew, the guy he’s seeing are really doing great.  They both are sweet guys and deserve each other.   Saturday I went and got the brakes fixed, did some shopping, cooked a little appetizer and went to some friends house and watched a movie.  It was so beautiful, the moon, and the river like glass.   Dang it, I didn’t bring my camera either.   Went to church today, and went to the Loop with Berry, Susan, another couple, Julie, Theresa, Elissa, Turk, and Karl.   Then went and bought my snorkeling equipment for the Bahamas, almost $200.  I am so looking forward to that trip.  I’ve never been to the Bahama’s.   Look forward to taking some wonderful sunset pictures.  Couldn’t remember if I’ve left a link to my photo website


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One Response to “Another Photoshoot and a beautiful weekend”

  1. You sure know how to catch the ladies 😉

    Glad to hear everything is working out great for you and your new place. You’re a total catch, my friend 🙂

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