Hope all had a great weekend

O.k. folks just out of the shower and getting ready for the bed.   Had a nice weekend.  Met a bud for lunch on Saturday, and had a really nice day with a nice guy!  He’s nice on the eyes as well to me too so that was a plus.  He made me laugh most of the day, and there’s nothing I like better than to laugh.  He took this of me while I was eating seafood at River City Brewing Company.  I had gator tail, and a wonderful blackened fish with fruit.   I’ve always loved this restaurant.


The weekend just did what it usually does, flies.   Went out and met Cox and Gavin, and Earl  last night.  We had a lot of fun.  Went to church today.   Had lunch with Berry, Susan, Karl, Theresa, Julie, and Elissa.   Karl and I went and checked on Turk after church.   He got offered a job up in Charlotte, so is contemplating on moving up there, so we went to try and cheer him up and tell him not to move.  He had been down most of the weekend.  He’s seemed kind of down the last week.   We got him out of the house, and yes three grown men went and got pedicure’s.  Then went on to eat lots of things that would clog your arteries along with shopping at the Town Center Mall.  Other than that I”m very ready for bed, I’m so sleepy.    Still loving my place.  I need to make a day and take pictures around here, it’s quite scenic. 


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5 Responses to “Hope all had a great weekend”

  1. it is hard to read and pay attention when you post photos of yourself – you have such a sweet smile and face.

  2. It is nice to see you all smile and relaxed. Great that you had a great weekend. Wish I could have some time to enjoy the nice weather in FL in the past 2 weeks. Not just all works.

  3. Been away tending to family duties in Idaho for two weeks now, but I’m back! Looking forward to catching up with your site and the rest of the blogosphere! Cheers.
    PS….Nice towel.

  4. It’s time to catch up on your blog. I hate it when work gets in the way. 😉 Very nice photos, Derek.

  5. I’m glad that you and Bud had a great time together. Glad to see that Turk has a supportive network of friends. You get pedicures, then go out to eat food that clogs your arteries? Hopefully it wasn’t barbequed ribs. 😉

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