Way Back Wednesday

I had some folks ask me when I was a little boy what kind of kid was I.  So I got out the old pictures, and looked through them.  The other day at chorus practice we were singing that song Tina Turner sang “Rivers Deep, Mountain’s High”  When I was a little girl I had a Geraldine Doll instead of a ragdoll”  I still joke my mom today that I’m gay because they bought me a transvestite Flip Wilson doll.  I remember finding it a while back in the attic of my sister’s house the house I grew up, decided to go up in the attic and see if we could find any ghosts of the pasts. In the dust I found something, with blond hair and a pocketbook. It all came back to me.  The string had fallen off, I so wanted to hear all the funny saying it used to say, like “Don’t touch me you don’t know me that well” Looking at this picture, I didn’t look too happy though. That’s me in the middle with my sister and my cousin J. 


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4 Responses to “Way Back Wednesday”

  1. cute photo

  2. That’s too adorable.
    You sure are holding on to Flip for dear life 😉

  3. When I was a young boy, I carried around a stuffed chimp with a rubber banana in his hand.

    This is a cute photo.

  4. Such a cutie-patootie! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. 😀

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